Our Chef

Our Chef

Restautant in Santorini

Michalis Dunetas is a high-demand chef and author of cookbooks, with three decades of continuous and successful cooking experience.

He began his culinary journey at a young age after completing his culinary studies and obtaining his degree from  Anavyssos Cooking School in Athens. His internship begins in Crete and continues at the Intercontinental Hotel in Athens, where he meets his mentor, famous chef Claus Feuerbach, and spends two years with him in the famous Pajazzo. His journey abroad begins in Luxembourg, an experience that developed his profession. Working at the Intercontinental Hotel, the two-star Michelin restaurant La Bargerie, is a milestone in his career.

Upon his return to Greece, he worked for five consecutive summers at a restaurant in Mykonos. Then continued his career in Athens where he works at the Athens Golf in Glyfada, the Casa di Pasta (restaurant chain), The Red in Athenaida complex, Vive Mar, Baraonda, Dionysos by Acropolis and continues as a consultant and Executive Chef for the VS group. A Hospitality Group with 25 restaurants, café, catering, clubs and to many Greek – International Hotels & Restaurants winning numerous awards ( Toques d’ Or, Greek Cuisine & Gourmet awards). He completed his experience by attending in Greece or abroad, Italian and French cuisine seminars (Etoile-Italy School, Ritz School and Alain Ducasse-France), confectionery (chocolate making in Valrhona-France), Haccp etc. By attending culinary arts he became a  connoisseur of Italian, French and, in general, Mediterranean cuisine. He is perhaps the only Greek chef certified by Valrhona for his confectionery knowledge.

A connoisseur also of Moroccan and Cuban cuisine. He trained in restaurants in Morocco and by Cubans in Athens, where he had the chance to meet and taste different cultures, techniques  and pass all of his  «professional experiences»  to Cubanita and Marakesh restaurant.

At the same time, he exercised the duties of a technical advisor to food and catering companies, listed and non-listed on the stock exchange. He continues to be a restaurant and catering consultant in Greece and abroad.

Author of cooking recipes in newspapers and magazines, rapporteur of seminars in Greece and abroad and collaborating chef in several catering companies.

He participated in TV cooking shows.

Today, he continues his multi-year career as a culinary arts teacher at the “Le Monde” Cooking School, passing on his many years of experience to his students.

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